Department of Physics


Programme: Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Duration: 2 Years (4 Semester)
Course: M.Sc. (Physics)
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Programme: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
Duration: 3 Years (6 Semester)
Course: B.Sc. (Physics)
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M.Sc (Physics): 2 Years - 4 Semesters

Semester-1 Semester-2
Paper-1 Classical Mechanics
Paper-2 Quantum Mechanics-1
Paper-3 Mathematical Physics-1
Paper-4 Electronics
Paper-5 Physics Laboratory & Workshop
Paper-1 Classical Electrodynamics
Paper-2  Quantum Mechanics-2
Paper-3 Mathematical Physics-2
Paper-4 Solid State Physics
Paper-5 Physics Laboratory
Semester-3 Semester-4
Paper-1 Atomic and Molecular Physics
Paper-2 Statistical Mechanics
Paper-3 Nuclear and Particle Physics
Paper-4 High Energy Physics-1 (Special)
Paper-5 Condensed Matter Physics-1 (Special)
Paper-6 Nuclear Physics-1 (Special)
Paper-1 Computational Laboratory
Paper-2 General Theory of Relativity and Cosmology/Optoelectronics (elective)
Paper-2 Introductory Astronomy and Astrophysics (elective)
Paper-3 High Energy Physics-2 (Special)
Paper-4 Condensed Matter Physics-2 (Special)
Paper-5 Nuclear Physics-2 (Special)
Paper-6 Biophysics (Elective)

B.Sc (Physics): 3 years-6 Semesters

Semester-1 Semester-2
Paper-1 Mathematical Physics-I
Paper-2 Mechanics
Paper-3 Waves and Sound
Paper-4 Mechanics, Waves & Sound
Paper-5 Physics Laboratory
Paper-1  Mathematical Physics-II
Paper-2 Optics
Paper-3 Thermal Physics
Paper-4 Electricity & Magnetism
Paper-5 Physics Laboratory
Semester-3 Semester-4
Paper-1 Classical Mechanics and STR
Paper-2 Electricity and Magnetism
Paper-3 Numerical Analysis & Computer Programming
Paper-4 Heat and Thermodynamics
Paper-5 Physics Laboratory
Paper-1 Quantum Mechanics
Paper-2 Atomic and Molecular Physics
Paper-3 Current Electricity & Electronics-I
Paper-4 Optics and Special Relativity
Paper-5 Physics Laboratory
Semester-5 Semester-6
Paper-1 Mathematical Physics-III
Paper-2 Electromagnetic Theory
Paper-3 Digital Electronics
Paper-4 Atomic, Nuclear & Quantum Mechanics
Paper-5 Physics Laboratory
Paper-1 Radiation Theory & Statistical Mechanics
Paper-2 Condensed Matter Physics
Paper-3 Nuclear and particle physics
Paper-4 Electronics, EM waves & Condensed Matter Physics
Paper-5 Physics Laboratory

Faculty Members:

1. Dr. Prasad Basu
Assistant Professor
2. Dr. Sukanta Deb
Assistant Professor
3. Ms. Priyanka Kumari
Assistant Professor (Contractual)
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