Department of English


Programme: Master of Arts(M.A.)
Duration: 2 Years (4 Semester)
Course: M.A.. (English)
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Programme: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Duration: 3 Years (6 Semester)
Course: B.A.(English)
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M.A (English): 2 Years-4 Semesters

Paper-1 ENG 701C English Social and Cultural  History
Paper-2 ENG 702 C Poetry I: Medieval to the Romantics
Paper-3 ENG703 C Drama I: Renaissance and Jacobean Drama
Paper-4 ENG 704 C Prose I: Life Writing
Paper-5 ENG 705 E Writing from the North East
Paper-1 ENG 801 C Contemporary Indian Writing in English
Paper-2 ENG 802 C Poetry II: Victorian to the Present
Paper-3 ENG 803 C Women’s Writing
Paper-4 ENG 804 C Modern European Literature
Paper-5 ENG 805 E The Brontes
Paper -5 ENG 806 E Salman Rushdie
Paper-1 ENG 901 C Drama II: Modern European Drama
Paper-2 ENG 902 C Prose II: Genres
Paper-3 ENG 903 C Fiction I
Paper-4 ENG 904 C Literary Criticism
Paper-5 ENG 905 E Contemporary South Asian Fiction
Paper-1 ENG 1001 C Modern Literary Theory
Paper-2 ENG 1002 C Fiction II
Paper-3 Special Paper I*
Paper-4 Special Paper II*
Paper-5 ENG 1005 E Contemporary African Novel
*Department will offer two special papers for third and fourth core papers in semester four from the list given below
ENG 1101C Indian English Literature I
ENG 1102 C Indian English Literature II
ENG 1103 C American English Literature I
ENG 1104 C American English Literature II
ENG 1105 C Literary Theory I: From Structuralism to the Cultural Turn
ENG 1106 C Literary Theory II: Poststructuralism and the Ethical Turn
ENG 1107 C Women and Literature I
ENG 1108 C Women and Literature II
ENG 1109 C Language and Linguistics I
ENG 1110 C Language and Linguistics II
ENG 1111 C Latin American Literature I
ENG 1112 C Latin American Literature II

B. A. : 3 years-6 Semesters

Semester I
Paper I: ENG 101C History of English Literature, Society and Culture-I
Paper II: ENG 102C Reading Poetry I
Paper III: ENG 103C Literary Movements and Literary Devices
Paper IV: ENG 104 CMP Functional English
Semester II
Paper I: ENG 201C History of English Literature, Society and Culture - II
Paper II: ENG 202C Reading Poetry II
Paper III:ENG 203C Reading Prose
Paper IV: ENG 204 ALT Alternative English
Semester III
Paper I: ENG 301C Reading Fiction
Paper II: ENG 302C Reading Drama – I
Paper III: ENG 303C Criticism – I
Semester IV
Paper I: ENG 401C Reading Drama – II
Paper II: ENG 402C Criticism – II
Paper III: ENG 403C Great European thinkers
Semester V
Paper I: ENG 501C Indian writing in English
Paper II: ENG 502C American Literature
Paper III: ENG 503C Literary and Cultural Theory
Paper IV: ENG 504E Poetry and Drama
Semester VI
Paper I: ENG 601C Post Colonial Literature in English
Paper II: ENG 602C Language and Linguistics
Paper III: ENG 603C Women and Literature
ENG 604C Modernism and Post Modernism
ENG 605C African Literature in English
ENG 606C Literature and Film
Paper IV: ENG 607E Fiction and Non-fictional Prose

  Faculty Members:

1. Imsuchila Kichu, M. A. (University of Madras), M. Phil. (University of Madras)
Assistant Professor
2. Payal Jain, M. A. (University of Madras), M. Phil. (University of Madras)
Assistant Professor
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