Department of History


Programme: Master of Arts(M.A.)
Duration: 2 Years (4 Semester)
Course: M.A.. (History)
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Programme: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Duration: 3 Years (6 Semester)
Course: B.A.(History)
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M.A (History): 2 Years-4 Semesters

Semester-1 Semester-2
HST 701C Historical Methods
HST 702CHistory of Assam(Circa 5th to 1228)
HST 703C History of USA(1783-1919)
HST704C Indian National Movement: Early Phase
Hst705E Gender History
HST801C  Indian National Movement()1919-1947
HST802C History of Assam(1228-1826)
HST803C British Rule in India (1757-1947)
HST804C Economic History of Modern India(1757-1947)
HST805E History of China(1839-1947)
Semester-3 Semester-4
HST901C History of Assam (1826-1947))
HST902C History of Ideas in Modern India(1850-1947)
HST903C History of Modern Japan()1836-1947
HST904C Peasant Movement in Modern India(1836-1947)
HST905E International Relations (1871-1939)
HST 1001C International Relations since 1939
HST 1002C Social History of Modern India (1800-1947)
HST 1003C India’s Foreign Relations since 1947
HST1004C Dissertation : Archives based dissertation
HST1005E Contemporary History of North East India

  B.A. (History Honours/Major): 3 years-6 Semesters

Semester-1 Semester-2
101C History of India (earliest times to 3rd century BC)
102C History of Assam: State and Polity (Earliest times to 18th century)
103C Ancient Civilizations: Social Formation and
104C History of India (Earliest Times to 3rd century BC
105E History of Assam: Society and Economy  (Pre-Colonial Period)
201C History of India (3rd Century B.C. to 7th Century A.D.)
202C History of India (7th Century to 12th Century)
203C History of Assam: Society and Economy(Earliest time to 18th Century)
204C History of India (1st Century BC to 12th
Century A.D.)
205E History of India from Early 13th Century to 18th century)
Semester-3 Semester-4
301C History of India (Early 13th Century to Mid 16th century)
302C History of Europe (14th Century to 17Th century)
303C History of Assam: Colonialism, Capital and Modernity
304 C History of Europe (14th Century to 17th century) 305E a. History of Assam: Colonialism,
Capital and Modernity
b.  History of Assam: Nationalism and Independence
401C History of India (16th  century to Early 18th century)
402C Consolidation and Crisis of Modern West (17th to 20th Century)
403C Introduction to Historical Methods and Historiography
404E History of Europe (17th to 20th  Centuries)
405E History of Revolutions      
Semester-5 Semester-6
501C Colonial State and Indian Society (18th Century        and 19th Century)   HST502C Popular Resistance, Nationalism and 3-1-0 4
Freedom Struggle in India  
HST503C History of Revolutions
HST504E History of Colonial India: State and Society
( 18th  and 19th Century)
HST505E Nationalism and Freedom Struggle in India
601C History of Assam: Nationalism and Independence 
602C History of India (1947 – 1990)
603C Nationalism and De-colonization in Asia and Africa 
604E Environmental History of India
605E Women in Indian history

Faculty Members:

1. Raktim Patar
Assistant Professor
2. Preety Sharma
Assistant Professor
3. Rashmita Phukan
Assistant Professor (Contractual)
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