Department of Sociology

Programme: Master of Arts(M.A.)
Duration: 2 Years (4 Semester)
Course: M.A.. (Sociology)
Detail Curriculum & Syllabus:   Click Here


M.A (SOCIOLOGY): 2 Years-4 Semesters

Semester-1 Semester-2
Paper-1 SOC 701 C Introduction to Sociology
Paper-2 SOC 702 C Sociological Theories -I
Paper-3 SOC 703 C Sociology of India - I
Paper-4 SOC 704 C Religion and Society
Paper-5 SOC 1201 E Agrarian Society
Paper-1 SOC 801 C Sociological Theories - II
Paper-2 SOC 802 C Sociology of India –II
Paper-3 SOC 803 C Kinship and Society
Paper-4 SOC 804 C Economy and Society
Paper-5 SOC 1222 E Population and Society
Semester-3 Semester-4
Paper-1 SOC 901 C Political Sociology
Paper-2 SOC 902 C Social Stratification
Paper-3 SOC 903 C Gender and Society
Paper-4 SOC 904 C Methods of Sociological Research
Paper-5 SOC 1441 E Sociology of Education
Paper-1 SOC 1001 C Sociology of Development
Paper-2 SOC 1002 C Sociology of Symbolism
Paper-3 SOC 1003 C Urban Sociology
Paper-4 SOC 1004 C Environment and Society
Paper-5 1661 E Sociology of Social Movements
1662 E Area Study: South East Asia
1663 E Area Study: China
1664 E Sociology of Science
1665 E Sociology of Law
1666 E Health, Medicine and Society
1667 E Media, Culture and Society
(Students will be required to choose any of the two Electives)

Faculty Members:

1. Dr. Indrani Sarma
Assistant Professor
2. Ms. Draghima Basumatary
Assistant Professor
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