Department of Botany


Programme: Master of Science(M.Sc.)
Duration: 2 Years (4 Semester)
Course: M.Sc.. (Botany)
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Programme: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
Duration: 3 Years (6 Semester)
Course: B.Sc.(Botany)
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M.Sc. Botany: 2 Years (4 Semesters)

Semester-1 Semester-2

BOT 701C- Phycology, Bryology and Lichens
BOT 702C- Mycology, Plant Pathology and Microb-iology
BOT 703C- Pteridophytes, Gymnosperms and Angiosperm Anatomy
BOT 704C- A. Practicals of Phycology, Mycology, Lichens, Plant Pathology and Microbiol
B. Practicals of Bryology, Pteridophytes, Gymnosperms and Angiosperm Anatomy
BOT 1201E- Tools and Techniques in Biology

BOT 801C- Morphology & Angiosperm Taxonomy
BOT 802C- Plant Ecology, Ecosystem Services and Phytogeography
BOT 803C- Pharmacognosy, Applied Botany and Ethnobotany

BOT 804C-
(A). Practicals of Morphology and Angiosperm Taxonomy, Applied Botany and Ethnobotan
(B). Practicals of Plant Ecology and Phytogeography, Ecosystem Services and Pharmacognosy

BOT 1202E- Bioinformatics
BOT 1203E- Biostatistics and Computer Applications in Biology
Semester-3 Semester-4
BOT 901C- Plant Physiology and Biochemistry
BOT 902C- Cytology, Genetics and Plant Breeding
BOT 903C- Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

BOT 904C-
(A). Practicals of Plant Physiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
(B). Genetics, Plant Breeding and Biotechnology

BOT 1204E- Biophysics
BOT 1205E- Biodiversity and Conservation
BOT 1001C- Reproductive and Developmental Botany

Special Papers
Special Paper I
Special Paper II

Department will decide on the list of Special Papers to be offered.

BOT 1003C- Practical for Reproductive and Developmental Botany
BOT 1004C- Practicals for Special Paper
BOT 1206E- Rights and Issues in Biology
BOT 1207E- Environmental Management


BOT 1101C- Angiosperm Taxonomy – I
BOT 1102C- Angiosperm Taxonomy – II
BOT 1103C- Advanced Plant Physiology and Biochemistry –I
BOT 1104C- Advanced Plant Physiology and Biochemistry –II
BOT 1105C- Cell Biology, Genetics and Molecular Biology – I
BOT 1106C- Cell Biology, Genetics and Molecular Biology – II
BOT 1107C- Mycology and Plant Pathology –I
BOT 1108C- Mycology and Plant Pathology –II
BOT 1109C- Microbiology –I
BOT 1110C- Microbiology –II
BOT 1111C- Plant Ecology –I
BOT 1112C- Plant Ecology –II


 B. Sc.: 3 years (6 semesters)

1st semester 2nd semester
BOT 101C- Plant Kingdom, Evolution and Algae
BOT 102C- Fungi , Lichen and Bryophytes
BOT 103C- Pteridophytes, Gymnosperms & Paleo- botany
BOT 104E- Diversity of Microbes ,Cryptogams and Gymnosperms
BOT 201C- Angiosperm morphology and Angiosperm taxonomy
BOT 202C- Ethnobotany & Pharmacognosy
BOT 203C- Ecology, Biodiversity and Conservation
BOT 204E- Cell Biology and Genetics
3rd semester 4th Semester
BOT 301C- Instrumentation and Laboratory Techniques
BOT- 302C Cell Biology
BOT- 303C Molecular Biology
BOT- 304E Plant physiology and biochemistry
BOT 401C- Anatomy & Embryology
BOT 402C- Microbiology
BOT 403C- Plant Pathology
BOT 404E- Diversity of Seed Plants and their systematic
5th semester 6th semester
BOT 501C- Plant Physiology
BOT 502C- Biochemistry, Palynology & Biomatrics
BOT 503C- Cytogenetics & Plant Breeding
BOT 504E- Structure, development and reproduction in flowering plants
BOT 601C Bio resources, Computer application
BOT 602C Biotechnology & Bioinformatics
BOT 603C Choice Based Credit Paper
BOT 604E Ecology and Utilization of plants.

(All Practicals should be supported with field studies, field reports, herbariums and collections or photographs & Practical records). 

 Faculty Members:


Dr Hrishikesh Upadhyaya
M.Sc. M.Phil., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor



Dr Himu Roy
M.Sc. B.Ed, PGDCA, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor



Dr Jimmy Y Yumnam
M.Sc., PGDCA, Ph.D
Assistant Professor


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