Choice-Based Credit System (CBCS) and Continuous Assessment and Grading Pattern (CAGP)

This document, written by Dhruba J. Saikia, outlines a proposal to provide, holistic, broad-based education, with Cotton College State University in mind. This proposal incorporates the basic ideas of a Semester System, Choice Based Credit System (CBCS), Continuous Assessment and Grading Pattern (CAGP), and curriculum development with a reasonable degree of flexibility. A number of Universities and Institutes have put detailed descriptions of their credit systems on the web. Ideas and examples taken from these web pages have been extremely useful while compiling this document.

Download CBCS and CGPA document



Cotton College State University has put in place a grading system which helps to identify bright students across disciplines, and also helps nurture the intellectual growth of all the students.

Grading philosophy and guidelines for the Cotton University system were presented to the faculty in two talks on the 22nd of August 2013 by Profs Rowena Robinson and Saurabh Basu, both from IIT, Guwahati.
Prof Robinson discussed several issues regarding grading and described the 'Distribution Gap Method' with examples from science and humanities streams, while Prof Basu described the 'Standard Deviation Method' and the 'Median Absolute Deviation (MAD)' method using examples.

Grading guidelines: Rowena Robinson (Click to download)

Grading in Cotton College State University: Saurabh Basu (Click to download)

In addition, a step by step guide for grading given the examination system of CCSU with 'sessionals', practicals and an end-semester examination has also been prepared. This is also available here.
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