Department of Assamese


Programme: Master of Arts (M.A.)
Duration: 2 Years (4 Semester)
Course: M.A. (Assamese)
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Programme: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Duration: 3 Years (6 Semester)
Course: B.A. (Assamese)
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M.A : 2 Years-4 Semesters 

Semester-1 Semester-2
ASM 701C Assamese Old Poetry 
ASM 702C Early Assamese Prose
ASM 703C Cultural Heritage of North East India
ASM 704C Development of Assamese Language from AD 1846
ASM 705E History of Assamese Literature
ASM 801C Assamese Classical Drama (Ankia Nat)
ASM 802C Assamese Romantic and Modern Poetry
ASM 803C Assamese Modern Prose
ASM 804C Assamese Modern Drama
ASM 805E Origin and Development of Assamese Language and Script
Semester-3 Semester-4
ASM 901C Assamese Novel
ASM 902C Group A : Ancient Indian Literature: Brief history with selected text
ASM 903C Group B: Tibeto-Burman Languages
ASM 904C Group A: Comparative Indian Literature
ASM 905C Group B: Elements of Indian and Western Languages on Assamese Language
ASM 906C Group A: Special Study on Lakshminath Bezbaroa
ASM 907C Group B : Linguistics
ASM 908E Assamese Poetry and Prose
ASM 1001C Assamese Short Story 3 + 1 + 0
ASM 1002C Group A : Bhakti Movement in Assam
ASM 1003C Group B: Dialectology and Dialects of Assamese Language
ASM 1004C Group A: Western Literature: Selected Text in Original and Translation
ASM 1005C Group B: Comparative Study of Languages: Assamese, Hindi, Bengali and Oriya
ASM 1006C Group A and B : Contemporary Literary Theory
ASM 1007E Assamese Drama and Fictional Prose

B.A.: 3 years- 6 Semester 

Semester-1 Semester-2
ASM 101C    History of Assamese Literature ASM 102C             Origin & Development of Assamese
                      Language and Script ASM
103C             Cultural Heritage of Assam
ASM 201C    Assamese Old Poetry ASM
202C             Early Assamese Prose ASM
203C             Literary Criticism:
                      Eastern & Western ASM
Semester-3 Semester-4
ASM 301C  Assamese Classical Drama (Ankia Nat) ASM 302C  Assamese Metre & Figures of Speech ASM 303 C Brajabuli Padavali ASM 401C          Assamese Language
ASM 402C          Literary trends: Classicism,                                                Romanticism & Modernism
ASM 403C          General Linguistic
Semester-5 Semester-6
ASM 501C             Assamese Romantic Poetry and                                      Modern Poetry ASM
502C                      Assamese Modern Drama ASM
503C                      Assamese Grammar
ASM 601C        Pali, Prakrit: Language & Literature ASM 602C        Indian Literature in Translation:                                         Hindi, Bengali and Oriya ASM
603C                 Assamese Fictional Prose:
                          Novel & Short Story ASM

 MIL (Assamese): Semester-2, Semester-5 & Semester-6 

Semester-1 Semester-2
 ----------- 204 MIL                      Assamese Literature
Semester-3 Semester-4
 -----------  ------------
Semester-5 Semester-6
ASM 504 MIL in elective slot Assamese Poetry, Prose & Drama 604 MIL in elective slot  Assamese Short Story, Novel and Essay

 Faculty Members:

1. Dr. Biswajit Das
Assistant Professor
2. Dr. Ambeswar Gogoi
Assistant Professor
3. Dr. Kakoli Gogoi
Assistant Professor
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