Department of Zoology


Programme: Master of Science(M.Sc.)
Duration: 2 Years (4 Semester)
Course: M.Sc.. (Zoology)
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Programme: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
Duration: 3 Years (6 Semester)
Course: B.Sc.(Zoology)
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M.Sc. Zoology: 2 Years (4 Semesters)

Semester-1 Semester-2
ZOO701C-Taxonomy, Biosystematic and Diversity
ZOO702C- Biomolecule and structural biology
ZOO703C- Functional biology of non-chordate
ZOO704C- Tools and Techniques
ZOO705E- Animal biology-1
ZOO801C-Functional Biology of Chordate
ZOO802C-Evolution and population genetics
ZOO803C-Ecology and Animal Behaviour
ZOO804C-Toxicology, Histology and Histochemistry
ZOO805E-Animal biology-2
Semester-3 Semester-4
ZOO901C-Cell and molecular biology
ZOO902C-Microbiology and Immunology
ZOO903C-Animal physiology and Endocrinology
ZOO904C-Developmental biology and Applied Zoology
ZOO905E-Animal biology-3
1001C-Applied Zoology
Special Papers
  1. Cell and Molecular Biology
1002C-Molecular cytology
1003C-Genome organization and expression
1004C-Genome regulation and Genomics
  1. Fish and Fishery biology
1002C- Taxonomy, anatomy and physiology
1004C-Limnology and Capture Fisherie
  1. Entomology
1002C-Insect diversity, Society and Evolution
1003C-Insect physiology, Toxicology and vector biology
1004C-Insect molecular biology and Pest ecology
  1. Ecology and Wildlife biology
1002C-Fundamentals of Ecology
1003C-Ecosystem and co-ecosystem services

 Special paper offered in M Sc. Zoology:

  1. Cell & Molecular Biology
  2. Entomology
  3. Ecology and Wild life Biology
  4. Fish & Fishery Biology

 B. Sc.: 3 years (6 semesters)

1st semester 2nd semester
ZOO101C- Introduction to Biology
ZOO102C- Biodiversity : 1 Non-chordata
ZOO103C- Biodiversity: 2 Non-Chordata
ZOO104E- Animal diversity: I Non chordata
ZOO105E- Animal diversity: Ii Non chordata
ZOO 201C- Biodiversity: Chordata
ZOO 202C- Comparative Anatomy
ZOO 203C- Histology
ZOO 204E- Animal diversity: I Chordata
ZOO 205E- Animal diversity: II Chordata and                  Comparative anatomy
3rd semester 4th Semester
ZOO301C- Cell Biology
ZOO302C- Genetics
ZOO303C- Biostatistics, Bioinformatics,
Computer Application
ZOO304E- Cell Biology and Genetics
ZOO305E- Taxonomy and Biostatistics
ZOO401C- Economic Zoology
ZOO402C- Biochemistry
ZOO403C- Physiology
ZOO404E- Physiology and Biochemistry
ZOO405E- Economic zoology
5th semester 6th semester
ZOO 501C- Developmental Biology
ZOO 502C- Endocrinology and Immunology
ZOO 503C- Biological techniques and Biotechnology
ZOO 504E- Developmental Biology
ZOO 505E- Endocrinology& Immunology
ZOO 601C- Animal Behaviour
ZOO 602C- Evolutionary Biology and Adaptation
ZOO 603C- Ecology and Wildlife Biology
ZOO 604C- Ecology and Wildlife Biology
ZOO 605C- Evolution and Adaptation

 Faculty Members:


Dr. NamranSushindrajit Singh
M.Sc. (Life Sciences-Zoology), M.Phil. (Zoology), Ph.D. (Endocrinology and Chronobiology), PDF (Molecular Endocrinology and Neurobiology)
Assistant Professor



Dr. Akalesh K Verma
MSc. (Life Sciences), Ph. D. (Molecular Oncology), PDF (Cytokines Chemistry), Indo-USA exchange Fellowship-2015, USA.
Assistant Professor



Dr. Anjana Singha Naorem
M.Sc (Zoology), M.Phil (Entomology), Ph.D. (Behavioural and Management Entomology)
Assistant Professor


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